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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hey everyone, and welcome to my new website. I've been trying to use lockdown productively and so have been building this new shiny site for you all to use. I'm hoping it'll make booking an appointment or getting in touch with me even easier.

I know many of you have been exercising more often during lockdown, or perhaps trying your hand at a sport you've never done before - from personal experience there seem to be more runners and cyclists out and about than ever before! While this is obviously fantastic for your health and mental wellbeing, you may be experiencing a few more aches and pains as your muscles get used to moving in different ways. Therefore I've been putting together some videos to show you the best way to help ease any niggles using foam rollers, trigger point balls and good old fashioned stretching.

I'll be posting the videos on my Facebook page, so head over and check them out! As always, any questions please give me a shout, and here's hoping I'll be able to welcome you all back to the massage table before long.



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