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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

A collective sigh of relief was let out last week when sports massage therapists were able to throw open their doors and begin seeing clients again.

It's been a tough few months for all the small businesses forced to close due to Coronavirus, so it's with great excitement that I'm now able to begin booking appointments again.

Things are a little bit different here at Mapp Massage HQ, but what remains is the same friendly, effective service. My prices remain the same, and I'm now accepting bank transfers if you prefer to avoid using cash during this time.

What's different at Mapp Massage?

Here are a few of the things you can expect if you book an appointment with me in the near future:

  1. Deep cleaning of the entire massage room between each client appointment

  2. Hand sanitisation on arrival

  3. A visor will be worn by myself for the duration of your appointment

  4. You will be asked to wear a face mask - please bring your own if you have one, if not, I will provide one

  5. Bank transfer for cashless payment

  6. A warm welcome!

I'm sure there are many aching quads, sore calves and stiff necks out there, especially if you're used to having a regular sports massage and have been forced to go four months without one.

What can I do right now to ease muscle soreness?

There are some steps you can take right now, before your sports massage, which will help ease any sore points and help prevent injury.

First off, make sure you’re not overdoing it! We’re all guilty of ignoring the warning signs our body tries to give us to say we’re training too hard or wearing the wrong trainers. If you’ve got a feeling something isn’t quite right, be it a dull ache in your hamstring or soreness in your Achilles that doesn’t seem to be going away, back off. You’re far better taking a few days to rest than pushing on and ending up with serious injury which might put you on the sidelines for weeks.

Don't forget the weights

What I’m going to suggest next will cause most of you to eye-roll, but it needs to be said! DO YOUR STRENGTH WORK! Runners are especially guilty of this – I know the last thing you want to do is spend your precious time doing squats or bench presses when you could be out pounding the pavements instead. But it’s SO important for injury prevention to have a body that’s strong in every way. This goes for any sport, so make sure you set aside 10-20 minutes a couple of times a week at least to strengthen any weak areas, with particular focus on your core.

Stretch, stretch and then stretch again. How often do you wake up or get home from work, chuck on your kit and head straight out the door without a second thought? Imagine what that’s doing to your poor body – you’re asking it to go from zero to a hundred miles an hour with no preparation. You only need to set aside five minutes to warm yourself up properly – do some jumping jacks or high knees followed by three or four decent stretches. I’ll be doing another post in the near future with my top recommended stretches, so keep your eyes peeled.

After-run care

Don’t neglect the post-run rehab either. It’s just as important to cool down properly as it is to warm up. I recommend finishing your run two or three minutes away from your house and walking it in. This gives your body and mind time to wind down slowly (rather than going from a hundred to zero!). Then do another set of stretches when you get through the door to help stop the lactic build up.

It’s also very much worth applying an ice pack to any areas you’re concerned about – this will really help draw blood away from the area and reduce the chance of inflammation. Just remember to wrap the pack in a towel rather than applying it straight to your skin! Anti-inflammatories can also help with this too.

Finally, get yourself a foam roller if you haven’t already. They’re an invaluable bit of kit to have at home and are great for flushing out lactic acid from tight quads and calves. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny travel sized rollers to extra long ones which are great for rolling out the upper body.

Have a little watch of my video which talks about the best way to foam roll.

Okay, I’ve done all that – now how do I book?

The massage table awaits! Appointments are booking up fast but I will do my absolute best to get you in as soon as possible, so please get in touch by emailing or calling 07791 216692.

Stay safe, and I'll see you soon,


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