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What is a sports massage?

A sports massage is perfect if you have been suffering with any soft tissue niggles – that includes muscle aches and pains or anything related to connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. If you’re unsure whether your issue is soft tissue related please just get in touch to ask.


Remember, you don’t have to be suffering from an issue to get a sports massage! They can be preventative too, so it’s worth having one regularly as part of your training plan to stop niggles creeping in.


Please be aware this isn’t the massage for you if you’re looking for an hour of relaxation. The specific aim here is to flush out muscles, circulate blood flow and loosen off tight areas of the body.

Will a sports massage hurt?

While there may be some extreme pressure experienced during a sports massage, this is entirely necessary to flush out your muscles and help relieve pain. The aim here is not to purposely cause pain, and any discomfort you feel will be doing you good.


It’s really important you try to relax during your appointment, as it’s much harder to massage tense muscles.

What should I wear to a sports massage?

Please wear shorts and a loose fitted top to your appointment. You are welcome to wear trousers over the top if it is cold, and these can be removed when you arrive.


A sports massage requires skin on skin contact. If you are uncomfortable with this please say so prior to your appointment and other arrangements can potentially be discussed.

What oil do you use?

Mason’s Dog Oil is an odour free, 100% natural massage oil made in England. As the name suggests, it was originally used on dogs! It was intended to be a muscle soother for racing dogs, but those using the balm soon realised it also offered benefits to themselves as well as the dogs.


It comes highly recommended by masseuses and physiotherapists alike and is the perfect oil to use for a sports massage. I hope you like it!

What happens during a gait analysis appointment?

You should come prepared to do some running on the treadmill – this will be for no longer than 10-15 minutes.


Please bring your usual trainers so that I can get a full picture of your running. After the appointment you will come away with a report detailing your biomechanics, where improvements can be made and personalised trainer recommendations.

What is a maintenance massage?

As mentioned, it’s worth having a sports massage regularly both as part of a training plan, or even if you are suffering with shoulder aches from being hunched over a desk day in day out.


What is ‘regular’ for you will completely depend on your lifestyle, and please be aware there is no pressure to book in for a string of appointments. You may simply prefer to book on an ad hoc basis when you feel the need.

What is an injury treatment massage?

As the name suggests, this is designed to target an area of the body which may be suffering from tightness, pain or any other kind of discomfort. It may that the issue resolves itself after one session, along with some stretching, or it may be that more than one massage is needed.


Again, there is no pressure to book in for more than one appointment. Simply come along, have a massage and see how your body responds.

How many massages will I need?

This is entirely dependent on your circumstances. For instance, if you want a maintenance massage to complement a training pogramme then we can chat about your needs and it may be that a massage once per month is recommended.


However if you are experiencing tightness in one particular area and simply want this resolved, one appointment may be all you need.


While a series of appointments may be discussed and recommended, that decision lies entirely with you.

What is a gait analysis?

A gait analysis is intended for those who run regularly. The aim is to fully analyse your running form with a view to improving it, be that through drills, different trainers or both.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes absolutely! Sports massage gift vouchers are a great birthday or Christmas present.


If you’d like one please email ma*********@gm***.com letting me know the name of your receipient and whether you’d like a hard copy or digital voucher.


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